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University of Warsaw is the largest academic centre and one of the best universities in Poland. Its position University gained by long-lasting tradition and constant work on improving its standards and educational offer.

Since the beginning of the Bologna Process, University of Warsaw was actively involved in the actions aiming for improvement of the quality standards in Polish education system.

Implementation of Bologna Process reforms is one of the priority action lines undertaken at the University.University authorities complying with european trends and changes related to the implementation of the Bologna Process, see in this reforms and activities an opportunity for the development of the University of Warsaw and improvement of its international position.

gwiasdka At the University of Warsaw already successfully introduced following Bologna tools:

strzalka ECTS system, that function as operating system for reckoning study courses offered at the University;

strzalka tree degree cycle of study;

strzalka quality assurance system, which allows control and continuous improvement of the quality of education at the University of Warsaw;

strzalka diploma supplement, allowing easier recognition of the qualifications;

strzalka continuing education courses and study programmes;

strzalka mobility programmes for students and university staff.


Many of the introduced Bologna tools has already become part of every day practice, so that they are not recognized as part of  the Bologna Process changes. However those changes has contributed to better documentation of the study courses, transparency and quality of the educational offer of the University.

Implemented tools are further described on the following parts of this webpage.




gwiasdka Serious approach to the implementation of the Bologna Process at the University of Warsaw is also apparent through

creation of the function of  Rectors Deputy for Bologna Process, who ensures proper realization of the Bologna reforms and assist substantially the authorities and university staff in changes.

This function currently serves MA Jolanta Urbanik.




gwiasdka As a capital city university – University of Warsaw is a member of UNICA - Network of Universities from Capitals of Europe and participates in many projects on the Bologna Process led by this organization.



On behalf of the University of Warsaw authorities, Rector's Deputy MA Jolanta Urbanik sit in working group Bologna Lab” This group monitors and initiates actions around Bologna Process and promotes its implementation in member countries.




gwiasdka Next to other institutions and universities from Poland, University of Warsaw is also a member of European University Association (EUA).

EUA logoIn year 2009 University of Warsaw took part, as a hosting University, in research conducted by EUA - "Trends 2010" .

EUA experts visited University to verify extent to which particular elements of the Bologna Process have been implemented.


As a result of the study, which consisted of expert visits and questionnaires completed by the EUA member Universities, full report has been created [PDF file].